Mobile application for craftsmen

February 1st, 2018

Within the lecture "User centered project management" at the University of Applied Sciences Aachen, we were confronted with the problems of a classic handicraft company. The guiding idea was: "How can internal processes be optimized through digitalization and automation?

As an approach for such a complex task, we used various methods and tools. Thus, we developed a special method construction kit: "The integrated method". We used already known agile methods and processes, such as: The Usability Engineering Life Cycle according to Mayhew, User Centered Design and Extreme Programming. For problem identification we used personas, contextual interviews, mood boards and stimulus word techniques.

This resulted in the solution approach of a mobile application for the craft company, which should be actively used by the workers. To optimize the usability and the user experience we used the software Morea (Morae offers the possibility to test the developments in different areas. Based on the Manager, Observer and Recorder the movements and behaviors of the test persons can be recorded and evaluated) and the eye-tracker glasses "Tobii Pro Glasses 2" including the software (The saccades and the fixations of the test persons were converted as heatmap and gaze plots and matched to the surface of the prototype. This helped us to analyze the attention of the test persons and to optimize the surface accordingly).


  • Problem identification

  • Process modeling

  • Development of various mockups

  • Development of a mobile application (prototype)

  • usability engineering

  • User experience optimization