Induriel (RWTH)

August 1st, 2017

A gamification project of the RWTH Aachen (Institute for Catholic Theology). This text-based online adventure is intended to offer future students a new learning platform on which lecture content and exercises can be taken up and deepened.

  • Object-oriented PHP environment with MySQL database connection

  • Front- and back-end development

  • Implementation of the story and quests

Gamification in der universitären Lehre:

Mit dem virtuellen Textadventure eigenständig fachspezifische Inhalte und fachübergreifende Kompetenzen aneignen.

Projektleitung: Dr. Annett Giercke-Ungermann 

Mitarbeiter: Stefan Aretz, Daniela Gölden, Romina Hermesmeyer, Pascal Jordin, Kirill Knyazev