September 1st, 2018

By order of Waketo GmbH an individual booking system for the indoor sports company should be developed. For this purpose, the well-known WordPress plugin Booked should serve as a basis. The desired functionality for had to be based on an own fork of Booked. The overall goal was to make it easier for customers to book multiple dates and to support the management and administration of bookings.

Book slots

At the beginning, the visitors of the website should have the possibility to book several slots at the same time without having to book each slot individually. Subsequently, slots should be given another size unit for the number of people, which is lowered accordingly by specifying the number of people playing.

Flat rates

On certain days in defined calendars, there should be special booking offers. These flat rates should be preselected automatically by simple selection. The visitor should only be able to choose the start time. Later the whole concept was converted to "packages" instead of allowing single bookings.

Backend for employees

Of course, the range of functions in the backend has also been adapted. Employees are now able to book flat rates or assign individual appointments that are independent of opening hours. In addition, the overview of bookings has been simplified for employees, so that flat rates can be entered quickly using icons.

Status for bookings

Bookings go through three steps for internal statistics:

  • Visitors appeared

  • visitor explained game rules

  • Visitor has played

These steps can be set by simply clicking on the corresponding icons for all related bookings.

Calendar options

Calendars should have different properties, therefore the creation of calendars was extended by some options. Depending on the calendar, it should be possible to deactivate multiple bookings (e.g. for Escape Room games). In addition, the booking confirmation should of course be different depending on the calendar. For this purpose, an individual PDF attachment was added.

More functions

In addition to the enhancements already mentioned, a lot of other micro-optimizations have been incorporated under the hood. Here is an excerpt:

  • Performace optimization

  • Backend clock times can differ depending on the calendar to the frontend

  • Notes to bookings with hint

  • Phone verification

  • Edit multiple bookings at the same time