July 2nd, 2018

During my time as technical project manager at the Aachen-based agency neusite, one of my main clients was AOK Hessen. As part of a major relaunch of the magazine site, I wrote the complete technical concept of the server structure, the construction of a multisite and the use of a pattern library in a special campaign construction kit. At that time, the blog system WordPress served as the basis, as this was the agency's standard solution for everything. Today, I would push much harder for a different solution ;)


To reduce the maintenance and support costs of the entire AOK Hessen online landscape, I decided to put the magazine sites under one roof. A so-called multisite, promised to significantly reduce the effort for maintenance and support, without sacrificing individualization. WordPress actually provides a "solid" foundation for this. The WordPress core could be provided with new updates and plugins independently of the operated sites, without repeating the process x times. So the main site was the magazine "" and all other websites were located as subdomains underneath. Example: or

Campaign kit

A core component was the development of a construction kit for online advertising campaigns. Thus, after the completion of images and texts, the rapid delivery of campaign pages should be possible. The goal was achieved! For this purpose, a custom post type was created and a sophisticated pattern library was developed. The construction kit allows the creation of a campaign in under 5 minutes, including A/B testing and quickly expandable patterns.